Touch screen control panel

Touch screen control panel

Touch screen control panel is primary designed for use in operating theatres.
Touch screen control panel informs personnel in operating theatre about non standard situations by color change in appropriate button as well as by sound signal. Also in those situations, thanks to information shown on control panel, leads the personnel to follow detail information and minimize possible damages or avoid to critical situation on the operating theatre. By simple check of shown functions on the control panel is personnel informed all the time, if all shown values /medical gases, medical isolated system, back up source/, are in order.

Important: If nothing is shown in color –system is stable and without errors.
So the personal can pay attention to patient and not to control panel.

Touch screen control panel


Intuitive control and monitoring of necessary functions needed for operating theater operation
  • clock
  • date
  • stop watch
  • operating theater lighting intensity setting and on/off function
  • laminar flow unit lighting intensity setting and on/off function
  • main operating light on/off function /optional function/
  • secondary operating light on/off function /optional function/
  • other additional functions possible for operating light control based on type of the operating light selected /optional function/ - more information on website
  • operating light operation on backup source
  • operating theatre temperature indication
  • operating theatre humidity indication
  • pressure of gasses and vacuum indication /optional function/
  • medical isolated system situation indication
  • medical isolated system function test
  • ventilation unit status indication /full or partial operation/
  • alarms indication – error reports
  • alarms history – error reports
  • audio alarm function
  • function to simulate alarms for personnel training
  • possibility to connect to hospital computer system – remote situation control
  • possibility to test status and errors through internet
  • blue code - /optional function/
  • additional function could be add based on the customer requirements

Touch screen control panel system thanks to its simple software modification enable to adjust

  • all types of medical gases
  • medical isolated system - very important circuits
  • main and secondary operating light
  • sound for alarm reports
  • language
  • touch screen panel color solution

Even not trained personnel can not by accidental touching on the control panel screen cause damage or change settings of any function. System is designed to be resistant against those situations.

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