Wall Elements

Wall Elements

Colour Touch Screen Control Panel

Colour touch screen control panel is specially designed for operating theatres. It is installed by recessing it into a wall panel and its installation allows easy cleanability both in the place of installation and in the functional surface, while the materials used are chemical resistant to disinfectants and cleaning agents used in operating theatres (IP 65).

The main functions include, among others, time, stopwatch, temperature, humidity, etc. Further functions are always provided and programmed upon agreement with the customer and according to the specific requirements of every customer. The switchboard of the control panel is placed outside the operating theatre in order to be easily accessible.

X-ray Viewer

The X-ray viewer is one of the built-in wall elements which we are able to incorporate into our system of the AKCmed built-in operating theatres. The x-ray viewer is installed into a wall panel with the emphasis on easy cleanability and service. It is equipped with an electronic ballast for fluent change of lighting intensity. The x-ray viewer can be equipped with a fluent stop of pictures. The size and placement of the x-ray viewer is chosen upon consultation with the costumer.

PACS Display

The PACS display, according to its design, is installed into the wall panels, either behind antireflection glass if it is not an element intended for direct installation into walls, or directly. The PACS display is not a direct supply. Replacement of the display for the x-ray viewer is possible even later (upon necessary consultation).

Built-In Cabinets

The built-in cabinets are intended for various purposes in the operating theatre. The most frequent usage is the following:

cabinets for material transfer:
for transfer of sterile material between an operating theatre and a sterile corridor
cabinet for stitching material:
for storing for doctors stitching material
cabinet for operating tools:
for keeping of operating tools
cabinet for laser:
a socket and other elements needed for laser functions is hidden in it

All built-in cabinets are installed into the system of the AKCmed wall panels with regard to details and easy access. The colour style can be the same as the shade of the wall panels or according to the requirements of the customer. The dimensions of all the cabinets are specific for every project and are customized according to the requirements and needs of the specific customer.



The clock for operating theatres is normally placed in the upper panel above the door. The clock is round and equipped with a second hand. If installed in multiple operating theatres, there is the possibility of connecting all clocks to a uniform time signal to get the same exact time in all operating theatres.

Glassed Wall Panel Glassed Wall Panel

Glassed Wall Panel

The glassed wall panel is equipped with safety glass with a thickness of 6.3 mm. It allows the installation of inner electrically-controlled blinds and, as need may be, equipment with lead glass due to radiation protection (e.g. for placement between the control room and the operating theatre). The thickness of the glassed panel is the same as the thickness of the partition wall in the installation place. The detail of connection of the glass to the wall panel is designed with regard for easy cleaning. The control buttons of the electrical blinds are placed under the window.