Wall System

partition walls – steel structure + wall panels from both sides
wall facing panels – steel structure + wall panels from one side

The AKCmed wall system used in the construction of operating theatres is designed as a system of non- -bearing partition walls and wall panels for interior use. With its structure, it meets all requirements imposed on quality, variability, physical properties and hygiene during construction of operating theatres and auxiliary rooms.
The modular construction of wall system is based on a basic grid of 1,200 mm.
The AKCmed wall system can be built on both a concrete floor and in buildings using anhydride as a final layer under the flooring.
Wall thickness is variable with a double-sided wall panel mounted on a steel structure. Thickness is mainly subject to the requirements for the building-in and installation of all distribution systems as well as other built-in elements. While designing the wall thickness, it is appropriate to take future possible needs which may occur as a result of a change to medical technology into account, thus allowing recessing of technology into partition walls with the correctly set thickness.

Partition wall thickness Installation space
100 mm62 mm, sockets, switches, elbow switches, etc.
150 mm112mm, multifunctional panels, x-ray viewers, TV screens, etc.
200 mm162 mm, exhaust channels, etc.
< 200 mm < 162 mm, built-in furniture, etc.

For a facing wall panels which are mounted onto a foundation structure fixed to a respective wall, the minimal distance from existing wall is 100 mm – the vertical installation space is 81 mm.

Standard heights of partition

Clearance height of the rooms Recommended to be used in
3000 mm Operating theatres
2700 mm Preparation rooms, sterilization, etc.
2400 mm Corridors

The Parameters of the Wall System are Designed and Certified According to the Following Standards and Procedures:

Acoustic attenuation (ISO 140-3 ISO 717-1)

The weighted sound reduction index for a partition wall with a thickness of 200 mm is 48 dB.
For increased acoustic attenuation, weighted sound reduction index is 57 dB

Fire resistance (EN 13501-2)

For a partition wall with a thickness of 200 mm, the fire resistance is 60 minutes.

Eccentric, horizontal load (ETAG 003:1998, ISO 7892-1988)

The wall system (200mm partition wall) is certified for an eccentric and horizontal load.

Laser Radiation Protection

In order to minimize the consequences of a possible accident and for the maximum protection of staff, a colour ensuring the maximal absorption of an incident ray and diffusion of a reflected ray has been used. Simultaneously, two electrical blinds in all windows and an alarm at the door are always used. For the duration of laser operation, the door is always blocked (possibility of manual unlocking).

X-Ray Radiation Protection

Depending on the project, a lead sheet with the respective thickness is used in walls and doors based on the used facility or standards. All windows (as well as doors) are equipped with Pb-glass with the respective protection equivalent.