Lower Ceiling

Lower Ceiling Lower Ceiling Profile

The lower suspended ceiling consist of galvanized steel ceiling structure and inserted ceiling panels made from 0.55mm-thick steel sheet in the RAL 9010 colour style. The dimensions of the ceiling panels are 1,200 × 600 mm, or 600 × 600 mm for smaller rooms, such as preparation rooms, washing and sterilization rooms, etc. Upon a customer‘ s request, the lower ceiling can also be supplied from stainless steel with the surface treatment of the RAL 9010 powder coating.

In every operating theatre, there are approx. 2 inspection panels (placed near the technological arms), which serve for possible service interventions.

Lower Ceiling Profile

Lower Ceiling Profile

The Lower ceiling profile is made of a precision extruded aluminium profile with the RAL 9010 colour surface treatment.
A metal lower ceiling panel is inserted into this profile in the horizontal direction, and the panel is sealed with a sealing profile inserted into the lower ceiling profile.