AKCmed touchless sensor for door control in the operating theatre - NEW

Upgrade of standard elbow switch for single sliding doors and double sliding and hinged doors on operating theatre by using touch less sensor with LED display. Higher standard on the operating theatre is achieved thanks to this solution.


Standard solution for door opening in the operating theatre  is elbow switch placed close to the door or power bar placed on the door frames.




For customers, which require the most modern touch less control of doors and they are also looking for modern design we have developed new switch.


Switch is suitable to be used in all systems of built-in operating theatres, which are using similar system as is AKCmed system.

Switch is fully cleanable and resistant against the cleaning agents and mechanical damage. IP protection 65.


Standard operation mode


In standard operation mode are both are fields for full and partial opening in blue color.



Full opening mode

When hand comes close to adequate field for door opening, field is light green during the opening phase and returns to blue once operation is over.


Partial opening mode


In many cases, when personnel entering the door is required to minimize the effect on the pressure differences between rooms and partial opening (size of the opening must be defined - door drive unit  function) is required. This function is activated, when someone gets close to field with partial opening marking. Same as above - activated field turns into blue and after closing back to green.

Touch less sensor is fed by safe power 24 V from the door drive unit.

It is also possible to supply touch less sensors only with full opening function.