Operating theatres AKCmed : FAQ - project design and price quotation

FAQ - Project design and price quotation - built-in operating theatres AKCmed

1. Is necessary to send complete project for price quotation?

No, it is not. For first quotation is enough to send layout of operating theatres and following information’s :


  • what rooms are requested to be quoted (operating theatres, wash rooms, preparation rooms, etc.)
  • types and sizes of the doors and door drives
  • if lead line protection is required and specified rooms
  • place of installation

 Exampele - customer layout:

2. Are you able on basis of operating theatres layout create realization project?

Yes, this is our standard procedure.


3. What is the cost of such project?

Such projects are free of cost.


4. Do you deliver your built-in operating theatres only with full (complete) installation done by your people?

No, in case that customer is able to organize local company with experience. In this case we send to place of  installation only supervisor, who is responsible to organize local installers and control that products are installed correctly and quality of work is guaranteed.


5. Is it necessary to provide site preparedness conditions before start of installation? 

Yes, to guarantee fault free installation we do require complying with site preparedness conditions.

This is always a part of the contract.


6. We do not have experience with built-in operating theatres. Are you able to present to us in hospital all options?

Yes, those consultations are possible (at no cost). It is best, if first project for newly built operating rooms exists or project for its reconstruction. Our consultant will help you on site with all possibilities and technical complications.


7. What are recommended dimensions of space, where operating theatres will be installed?

Standard clear height in the operating theatres is 3000 mm. For laminar flow unit it is necessary to have additional 500-600 mm. It means that optimal height is 3600 mm in between construction floor and structure ceiling of the building. If you have lower height we can consult with our all remaining options.


8. Is there any requirement for carrying capacity of structure ceiling?

For installation of the suspended ceiling and laminar flow unit this requirement is not that important. It is more important for operating light and pendants installation. Its weight is bigger than laminar flow unit  and suspended ceiling weight. Suspended ceiling and laminar flow unit is anchored by anchors with carrying load to each anchored place up to 50 kg.