AKCmed built-in operating theatres are assembled from unique (according to the project), factory-made components. This technological solution makes it possible to shorten the building time of operating theatres and mainly to ensure their high quality.
As early as during planning, the AKCmed operating theatres allow designers to design theatres which are not only modern but which also allow the use of medical technology from all the world manufacturers that are necessary for the work of doctors and health professionals.
The AKCmed operating theatres can be easily adapted to state-of-the-art medical technologies. Thanks to its modular composition costs on possible service and maintenance are minimized.
While planning construction of operating theatres, you can always rely on our professionals who will help you with all steps of execution, beginning from project preparation up to the completed work handover to the user.



Digital-, Integrated-, Hybrid-, Robotic-, Modular-OR - presentation

Often we are asked to explain the terms: -Digital, Integrated-, Hybrid-, Robotic-, Modular-OR We have prepared a short presentation, which you can download DOWNLOAD section in which you explain these concepts.
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Pass-trough cupboards between operating theatre and sterile corridor

Pass-trough cupboards between operating theatre and sterile corridor - the best way how to supply the operating theatre with sterile material.
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